Professional Popcorn Removal Service

We all know the design because of its descriptive title: “popcorn texturing.” This visual style, commonly found on ceilings from the past century, has gone out of style in recent years. Silveria knows that people often long to change how their ceilings look, but they think it might be costly to achieve, or messy, or labor-intensive. That’s only true until you have a conversation with us.

We provide a no-mess system for cleaning popcorn off the ceiling so that your walls, ceiling, floor, and interior decor are never affected by the process. We provide full removal and cleanup for any size project. When the job is done, there will be no trace of work whatsoever. The result will be a fresh, smooth surface that is ready for painting or renovation. Silveria Painting can also certainly help you transition to the next step in your design if you already have something in mind—which can also be much more cost-effective, if you do the entire job at once while we’re set up in your room. There are several options from which to choose, and we’re happy to help you finally achieve the modern look and feel that you’ve always wanted for your home. It’s HOW we roll.

Why Remove the Popcorn from Your Ceiling?

Popcorn ceilings are very difficult to clean and hard for homeowners to remove (or reluctantly repair) on their own during construction or renovation. From a stylistic standpoint, they aren’t used anymore in interior design. This feature has gone out of style since the ’80s. However, that only means that experts like Silveria now have years of experience taking them out: quickly, effectively, and affordably. So: If you’re thinking about renovating your popcorn ceiling, why wait?

Step-by-Step Popcorn Removal

We undergo a detailed process in order to remove the popcorn from your ceiling, safely and cleanly. We begin by securing and removing all light fixtures and cutting the power to the room or rooms in question. We then cover all floors and walls to protect them from debris and dust.

The first step in the popcorn removal process is to lightly spray the ceiling to moisten the product and reduce the amount of dust in the air. This also contains the asbestos (if any) and eliminates the chance of causing damage to anything in the room. We then remove all popcorn from the ceiling by scraping or using other effective methods, depending on your conditions.

Once the popcorn is removed, you’ll notice that the ceiling has a rough surface. We offer full ceiling restoration, which may include sanding it down, patching up holes, filling in cracks, or otherwise preparing your ceiling for future beautification. Since we also provide complete interior painting services, we recommend you finish the job by allowing us to add a fresh coat of paint to give your room a whole new look. You get complete service, from start to finish, from experienced professionals who have your time, budget, and desired interior design in mind.


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