Residential High-Pressure Cleaning

Silveria helps homeowners restore their residential exteriors with expert power-washing so that they look new again. If we are painting your home or business, and you also need areas pressure cleaned, we are happy to add that to the services we are providing. We use a state-of-the-art system that lets us custom-clean any finish, no matter how tough or delicate, without bringing any damage to the surface area. Our entire team of professionals is highly trained and experienced in all types of high-pressure cleaning jobs. We are fully licensed and certified in high-powered washing—with the skills and insights you can rely on to help you improve the look of your property, raise its curb appeal, increase charm and value, or simply enjoy the feel of coming home to a renovated look and fresh feel.

All Types of Surfaces Around Your Home

Not all surfaces are the same. Applying the same amount of pressure to every surface will inevitably result in either too much pressure or not enough. Silveria knows the right amount of water to apply to any surface in order to get the job done efficiently while preserving both the finish and the surface material. We do all surfaces, including concrete, wood, vinyl siding, roofs, outer walls, and more. Protect your property today with a professional high-pressure washing from Silveria Painting.

Rapid Power-Washing

One of the benefits of hiring Silveria Painting to power-wash your property’s exterior is that we always perform projects on time and on budget. We provide flexible hours in order to work around your schedule. We also utilize the most advanced cleaning equipment in the industry today, which allows us to perform every job quickly—much faster than our competitors, but with the same professional results you’d expect from the best. Additionally, all of our cleaning solutions are environmentally friendly and designed to lift even the toughest stains without corroding your finish.

Protect Your Home Exterior

Over time, corrosion, heavy chemicals, molds, and other destructive materials can eat away at even the toughest surfaces. Harsh oils can easily cause your concrete driveway, walkways, or sidewalk to begin cracking and crumbling along the edges. Cleaning your commercial property every 6-12 months (depending on the type of surface, exposure levels, and number of risks) will reduce the amount of damage that both natural and man-made elements can cause—and save you money in repairs over time. On flat surfaces, it reduces the risk of sliding or falling due to slippery surfaces from mold or the accumulation of other materials. Give your concrete, wood, or vinyl surface longer life with a high-pressure cleaning and protect your home.


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